Future of Energy

Welcome to the future of energy!

All big innovations in the energy field were robbed or suppressed by the Huns and their tops, the criminal bankers, the criminal billionaires, in the context of their damage- and catastrophe-games, their pollution game, based on burning large quantities of coal and oil, without necessity, their CO2-game, their shifting-climate game, all interconnected. And their missing-innovations game, the constant failure of humanity to counteract the developing catastrophes with strong technology, via surprise-innovations. Fine surprise-innovations were present and vanished: in an early state robbed or suppressed by the gamers.

The Huns are hereditary coined gamers with the playing-pranks disease, the laugh disease: you can observe their dirty laugh in nature or study it on photos (*added on the website),


Future of Energy

3 surprise solutions, robbed for a while, but realized now

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Welcome to the future of energy!

The end of the catastrophe-games

Darkness vanishes

Finally bright light